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THE BANKRUPT, by            
First Line: Despise him not, though he / a bankrupt be
Last Line: For pardning part, will all remitt to thee.
Subject(s): Forgiveness; God; Poverty; Clemency

DESPISE him not, though he
A Bankrupt be:
To peeces broke he is indeed,
Yet not to nothing. Do not tread
Those fragments into dust, with which
He hopes a Composition to reach.


Thy Break is greater farr
Than his, nor are
Thy means sufficient to Compound
With thy great Creditor: look round
About thy Nothing now, & say
What thou hast left thy debts to God to pay.


Wouldst thou thy Body yeild
To prison? build
No hopes on that sad plott; alas
The law on thee must further pass:
Thy Soul is allso forfeit, and
Th' eternal Jayl for both doth open stand.


Cheat not thyself, nor say
I'l run away.
What world from Gods arrest can hide
His vainly-fugitive Worm? beside,
No friend on earth can ever be
A Surety or sufficient Bayl for thee.


No way away to run
Hast thou but one:
FORGIVING'S thy sole way to woo
Thy Creditor the like to do.
Nay He'l outdo thee heer, for He
For pardning part, will all remitt to thee.

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