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THE CHEAT, by            
First Line: Sweet beguilings, / cruel smileings
Last Line: Their own funeral fires.
Subject(s): Sin

SWEET Beguilings,
Cruel Smileings,
Tickling Soules to death;
Tedious Leisures,
Bitter Pleasures,
Smooth yet cragged Path;


Heavy lightnes,
Whose sad Sleightnes
Cheers, yet breaks the Bearer;
Dainty Treasons
Whose quaint Reasons
Teach yet fool the Hearer:


Glorious Troubles,
Mighty Bubbles,
Horror fairly brimmed,
Bane in Honey,
Brass in Money,
Nothing neatly timmed:


Are the Prizes
Life devizes
To warm fond Desires;
Which by growing
Hot, are blowing
Their own funeral Fires.

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