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THE LOSSE, by            
First Line: O who has found! / for I have lost
Last Line: Henceforth (& tis a bargaine) but to thee.
Subject(s): Gifts & Giving; Hearts; Loss

O WHO has found!
For I have lost
A thing yt cost
Far more then India's worth, a Thing
Which if sinceer & sound,
Might be a present for a Mighty King.

It was, (had I
An Heart to break,
This Thought would make
The rupture strait; but I have none:)
It was, oh heare my Crie
Deare Freinds, it was my Heart, my Heart is gone.

A Month agoe,
Or therabout
It slipped out
Whilst I went carelesse on my way.
But where it dropt, or how,
Alas regardlesse wretch, I cannot say.

Sometimes mine Eare,
Sometimes mine Eye
Lets her passe by.
Sometimes a Crowd of idle words
Drove without wit or feare
Safe Convoy to a wandring Heart affords.

Sometime my Watch
But loosely set
Doth easily let
Her steale away: whilst idle I
Melt in soft ease, & catch
At gewgaw Nothings as they flutter by.

A thousand wayes
Alas I see
Where nimble Shee
Might make escape: each sin I doe
An open passage layes,
And by that Mouth invites ye soule to goe.

O who has found!
The Thing, alas,
Unworthy was
The taking up: Sweet pleasures say,
When you did Mee surround,
Bore your soft Streame my weaker Heart away?

Say needlesse Cares
Did your wild Number
My Heart incumber,
And made her carelesse of Her selfe,
Whilst vain unmanly feares
Threw her away upon Lifes sordid Pelfe?

How shall I find
My Heart againe,
Who, though most faine
Yet have no Heart to seek that Prize!
Thus one already blind
Desires to seek his Sight, but wants his Eyes.

On Thee alone
Who art all Eye
My hopes rely.
If Thou wilt find this Heart for Mee,
Ile give it unto none
Henceforth (& tis a bargaine) but to Thee.

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