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THE SERVANT, by                    
First Line: Now on my conscience thou art right
Last Line: Best have it, when I have it not at all.
Subject(s): God; Humility; Service

NOW on my Conscience thou art right
My Heart, who tellst me, I
This morning full as justly might
Have let my anger fly
At my forgetfull sinfull self, as at
My Servant who my strait Command forgot.


I have a Master too: nor is
My Servant bound to my
Commands, so much as I to His
In whose great family
Were I not entertained I could not live;
'Tis He, who to myself myself doth give.


Ah patient Master of bold Me,
How oft hast thou renued
Thy soft Commands, & ernestlie
My fugitive heart persued;
Yea, and (what I could hardly stoop to do)
Vouchaf'd thy Slaves obedience to woo!


How gross in my Injustice, who
Could not this fault digest
From mine own Servant, yet can so
Gentle a Lord resist!
And now could I for shame expect that he
When I disloyal am, should faithfull be!


O teach me holy policie,
Great Lord, & never let
Me copies of disloyaltie
To my own Servants set.
Subdue my stubborn Will, for then I shall
Best have it, when I have it not at all.

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