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THE SHEEPHERD, by            
First Line: When great love / did remove
Last Line: To the flocks that thither run.
Subject(s): Jesus Christ; Shepherds & Shepherdesses

WHEN great Love
Did remove
From above
Heer to prove
His delicious Art;
He took
A Crook
And in's look
Was as plain
A Swain
In grain,
And did play his part
With as harmlesse genuine Grace
As Sheepherd e'r did trace
Sichems feilds all flowrie face.


In a Meed
Where no Weed
E'r did breed,
He did feed
His unspotted sheep:
No meat
So sweet
E'r did greet
Lips which kisst
The Nest
Of best
Dainties which did sleep
On the bedds of Paradise
So rich in sprightfull spice
And inlivening Rareties.


For the Fare
His sweet Care
Did prepare,
Was his dear
And allpretious Flesh,
Which He
Made free
To each guest
And drest
The Feast
In a mystik Dish:
Thus his sheep to entertain,
And their poor love to gain,
He himself Heavns Lamb is slain.


He is slain
And doth strain
Might & main
Everie vein
To yeild up each drop;
Which flood
Of Blood
Might make good
Heavn & Bliss
To dress
Up his
Lambs abundant Cup:
All about whose noble Brimm
Pure liquid Life doth swimm
Sweetly to eternize Them.


Then to keep
These his sheep
Safe asleep
From the deep
Rage of Wolfe & Bear,
Each Hand
Doth stand
Open, and
Feet & Side
Gape wide
To hide
All whoe nestle there:
These five rubie folds alone
Give safe protection
To the Flocks that thither run.

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