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THE TRUE LOVE-KNOTT, by                    
First Line: But why / on thy beloved feeds thine eye?
Last Line: Not I, but thou and I are mine.
Subject(s): Love; Marriage; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

BUT why
On thy Beloved feeds thine Eye?
Can it not feed on Sweets at home,
But must to Her for dainties come?

Mine Eye
Carry'd in Sweet Captivitie
Is not mine owne: Her conquering Face
Seiz'd on it as She by did passe.

Yet Shee
Complaines as much of Love & Thee,
And sayes She finds Her captiv'd Eyes
Made thy perpetuall Sacrifice:

Mysterious Champion, wch will prove
Victor on both ye sides, & knows
How to reap Palmes from Overthrows!

These two,
Which in an endlesse Combate throw
Their fiery Darts from eithers Eyes,
At once both win & loose ye prize.

Both yeild,
And boast that they have lost ye feild;
For by that losse they doe obteine
Themselves, & that double againe.

Thus Shee
Layes lawfull claime to Him, & Hee
To Her; thus neither is their owne,
And yet each others Master growne.

Thus Hee
And Shee are clearly lost, to bee
Found in each other where they meet
Themselves, & what they count more sweet.

And thus
Two Rayes of Light all-beauteous
When e'r they meet & court, doe run
Into one Sweet Confusion.

No right
Has this or that into the light
It brought, but each has title to
All that his Brother Ray can show.

Then this
The Spouses Song & Triumph is:
Not Thou, but I and Thou, are Thine,
Not I, but Thou and I are Mine.

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