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THE WATERS OF H. BAPTISME, by                
First Line: The worlds great lord as once he stood
Last Line: These onely sin.
Subject(s): Baptism; God; Water; Christenings

THE Worlds Great Lord as once He stood
Upon ye brim of Jordans flood
Observ'd a greater stream of Men
Come flowing in.

Their businesse was, Baptiz'd to be,
And purify'd: But then said Hee,
It much concernes you to be sure
Jordan be pure.

With that Himselfe step'd in like One,
Who seemed but to trye alone,
Whither ye Streames they sought so to
Were clean, or no.

No sooner did old Jordan kisse
Those sweet & beauteous feet of His,
But smiling Circles on his face
Took up their place.

And this he thought sufficient Pay
For all His Paines, when He made way,
And, whilst ye Ark took up his road,
Travelld abroad.

The Waves came crowding downe apace,
Each one ambitious for ye grace
To touch that skin, a Purer Thing
Then their owne Spring.

Thus were They washed, (& not He
Who came as clean as Puritie)
And washt in these be every Stream
Of kin to them.

Their pure & most delicious shore,
Where Doves of our poor Clime before
Their pleasure took, could now invite
Heavn to delight.

The everlasting Turtle, though
Pure intellectuall Streames doe flow
Upon ye Firmaments vast Plain,
Could not abstain,

But downe He came, & by ye side
Of this sweet Current He espyde
A worthy Perch, as faire a Thing
As His white Wing.

Heer He his first acquaintance took;
Then flew to ever Spring & Brook,
Fixing on all Baptismall Streames
His best esteem.

Thus by this Spirits Company
These Streames are taught to purifie
Spirituall Things, & cleanse a Soule
Though ne'r so foule.

Nor new Stains, nor yt ancient spot
Which all ye World of Men doth blot
Doe stick so deep & close, but they
Wash them away.

And wash out also that great Score
The Deluge ought ye World before
Those Waters drown'd all Sinfull Men,
These onely Sin.

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