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THE WORLD, by                    
First Line: Nay now I'm sure my judgement's sound
Last Line: It proves but artificial ouglines.
Subject(s): Manknd; Superficiality; Deception; Faith; Belief; Creed

NAY now I'm sure my judgement's sound,
Since ripe experience is its ground.
Why, I my self have felt & seen
Thy tedious vanity;
Fond shameless World, & canst thou ween
I will for thee ev'n common sense deny?


Thou wear'st a beauteous skin, I grant;
And do the deadly Serpents want
Those dangerous hypocrisies?
Or is the Poisons soule
Less its curs'd self, bycause it lies
In the brave ambush of a golden boule?


When Israels, & Wisdomes, King
Did stoutly to the touchstone bring
Thy fairest Peeces, did not they
Prove base-bred counterfets;
Whose stamp though neat, & colour gay,
Their purest ore was but refined Cheats.


And oh that I had been content
To rest on his Experiment!
But since I at the cost have been
By thee deceivd to be,
'Tis not another World could win
My heart to dote: or trust on empty thee.


Go fawn on those whose frothy minde
Can solace in a bubble finde,
And Juno in a Clowd imbrace;
Who by the lying Paint
Which smiles upon their Idols face
Doubt not to count the beauties of their Saint.


And yet thy Paint's so silly too,
It can no warey Lover woo.
Indeed good Shaddows sprucely show;
But where the Picture is
Nothing besides, (and such art thou)
It proves but artificial Ouglines.

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