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TRINITIE SUNDAY, by            
First Line: How well this dawns next that illustrious feast
Last Line: Of divine consort fits an hymne ye best.
Subject(s): Trinity Sunday

HOW well This dawns next that illustrious Feast,
Which brought ye Heavnly Dove from his high Nest!
The whole yeare did proclaime the Father's Name,
Christmasse ye Sons, & Pentecosts Sweet Flame
The Sweeter Spirit: How 'twas time that We
This TRIPLE ONE is one Dayes Unitie
Should celebrate: time that our Triumphs now
Full Catholik & Orthodox should grow:
Time that our Joyes be Mysticall & high,
Learning in one devout Loveknot to tie
A Trinitie of Feasts. Hence faithlesse Yee
Whither of Arius long-damned stock ye bee,
Or of ye later but the ranker Weed,
Which taints ye Churches Garden, goe & feed
On your drie Syllogismes, & with your stout
And witty impudence still face it out
That they much sweeter & more wholesome be
Then Angells Bread the HOLY TRINITIE.
Leave Us our Sweets, & call them, if you will
Fooles Paradise: We are contented still
With Truth and Blisse on any termes; & though
We seem such easy credulous Fooles to you,
JESUS to Us is wisdome made, Evn He
Who is the wisdom of Eternitie.
Nor shall those Serpents Hises, whose fell Toungs
Lurk under yours, disturbe our faithfull Songs:
That everlasting Mystik harmonie,
Whose sweetnes dwelleth in ye TRINITIE,
Invites our Musiks eccho; & this Feast
Of DIVINE CONSORT fits an Hymne ye best.

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