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WHITENESS, OR CHASTITY, by                
First Line: Tell me, where doth whiteness grow
Last Line: Doth thee alone, fair chastitie, inrich.
Subject(s): Chastity; Worship

TELL me, where doth Whiteness grow,
Not on Bedds of Scythian Snow;
Nor on Alabaster Hills;
Nor in Canaans milkie Rills;
Nor the dainty living Land
Of a young Queen's Breast or Hand;
Nor on Cygnets lovely necks;
Nor in Lap of Virgin Wax;
Nor upon the soft & sleek
Pillows of the Lillies Cheek;
Nor the pretious smileing Heirs
Of the Mornings Perlie tears;
Nor the silver-shaming Grace
Of the Moons unclowded Face:
No; All these Candors
Are but the handsome Slanders
Cast on the Name of genuine WHITENES, which
Doth Thee alone, fair CHASTITIE, inrich.

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