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First Line: Had I my will, I would -. And what
Last Line: And then mine owne mine owne should be.
Subject(s): Free Will & Determinism

HAD I my Will, I would—. And what
Would ye Wretch doe had he his will?
Why then I would not have it, that
I might be sure to keep it still.

Alas, I have it not; my vaine
Affections doe it posesse:
Indeed they keep it in a chaine
Of seeming silk & tendernesse.

But oh they pull & hale it to
Objects so ougly and so vile,
That whilst perforce I forward goe,
Frighted I start, & back recoile.

Sometimes I courage take & crie,
Foule Rebells, know you what you doe?
My Will is your Liege Lord, & I
Unlesse I will, will never goe.

But then they gently fawne & smile,
And with soft charmes cast me asleep.
By which delitious potent guile
Still their Usurped power they keep.

Thus like a royall cheated slave
I hold ye Empire of my Will;
That Others Hands my sword may have,
And when they please, their Soveraigne kill.

But oh had I my Will indeed,
How would I reigne at home in State!
Wth noblest Pleasures would I feed
All my Desires, & feed them fat.

My Subjects all I would command,
And instantly obeyed be;
My Faculties should ready stand
Attending on my Majestie.

Anger should wage my Warrs, & fight
Against my Rebell Lusts, which now
Upon my weaknes vent their spight,
And chaine me downe to things below.

Then LOVE upon his gallant wing
My weighty Embassie should beare
And deale wth Heav'ns Almighty King
About my Suit depending there.

That Suit concernes a Match wth my
Deare Spouse, ye, Prince of Sweetnes, who
Long since has had my Heart, & I
Would fain this businesse on might goe.

Had I my Will, it should goe on;
But then I would not have my Will:
Dear Lord it should be Thine alone,
And so my best Desires fullfill.

Had I my Will, I would resigne
It into Thine, & change with Thee,
So from mine owne, I would gaine Thine,
And then mine owne mine owne should be.

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