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First Line: Faith, tim 'as just enlisted
Last Line: To thry an' cheer the byes?
Subject(s): Taxes; War

Faith, Tim 'as just enlisted,
An' left for Dublin town;
'E 'eld 'is 'ead that airy
'E might 'ave wore a crown;
'E begged so 'ard, an' showed me
A rose 'id in 'is pack,
I 'ad to say I'd wed 'im
Whin 'e'd be comin' back.

Me 'eart ached so for Patsy
I 'ad to swear the loike,
An' whin I promised Terence,
I'd not be slightin' Moike;
I said I'd not be bound till
They'd kilt a 'un or two,
But they was so persuasive,
What could a poor gurl do?

Shure, I was mad entoirely
Whin Delia took the whim --
She always was a sly thing --
To do the same by thim.
The trenches won't need warmin'
If they be gettin' wise,
Still, isn't it wan's duty
To thry an' cheer the byes?

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