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THE MAGNOLIA TREE, by            
First Line: Just a gorgeous bouquet of blossoms
Last Line: When its green leaves unfold.
Subject(s): Magnolias; Spring; Winter

Just a gorgeous bouquet of blossoms
Was saying, "Spring is here,"
When along came a snow and a freeze
And blasted it this year.

'Twas in truth a large magnolia tree,
Tall and sturdy and strong,
All in bloom in our neighbor's back yard
Heedless of harm or wrong.

Pompous and proud with buds and flowers
Of flaming rare pink hue,
Yes, a Prince in our neighbor's back yard,
Saying, "How do you do?"

But the cruel cold of King Winter
On farewell trip passed by,
And he kissed every bud and blossom,
Waving his last "Good-by."

Next we viewed the gorgeous magnolia --
What did tearful eyes see?
Just a great mass of brown, dead flowers,
Not the beautiful tree.

Was it envy, anger, spite, who knows?
Why old Winter returned
To punish Spring's welcoming angel,
It just could not be learned.

Thus in shame and disgrace it must stand,
'Neath sun and rain of Spring,
But the birds from the South, in its boughs
May take rest, while on wing.

Once a Prince among those of its kind,
Now a pauper poor and old,
It shall again come into its own
When its green leaves unfold.

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