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QUATORZAINS: 6. A FANTASTIC SIMILE, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: A lover is a slender, glowing urn
Last Line: Deep-caverned in a fringed lake of blue.
Subject(s): Love; Metaphor; Vases; Similes

A LOVER is a slender, glowing urn
On beauty's shrine, his heart is incense sweet,
Which with his eye-lit torch young love doth burn;
Then from its ardour cloudy ringlets fleet,
That we call sighs, and they with perfume turn
Upwards, his mistress' whisperings to meet.
The breezy whispers and the sighs embrace,
Like pink-wing'd clouds mixing above the hill,
And from their lovely toyings spring a race
Of tears, which saunter down in cheek-bank'd rill,
Silvering with sparkling coil the fair one's face;
Twin dew-drops which her startled senses spill
From violet's eyes, that hide their tender hue
Deep-caverned in a fringed lake of blue.

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