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First Line: Hast no one seen my heart of you?
Last Line: So christians fair, farewell.
Variant Title(s): "has No One Seen My Heart Of You"";
Subject(s): Love - Beginnings

HAST no one seen my heart of you?
My heart has run away;
And, if you catch him, ladies, do
Return him me, I pray.
On earth he is no more, I hear,
Upon the land or sea;
For the women found the rogue so queer,
They sent him back to me.
In heaven there is no purchaser
For such strange ends and odds,
Says a Jew, who goes to Jupiter
To buy and sell old gods
So there's but one place more to search,
That's not genteel to tell,
Where demonesses go to church: --
So Christians fair, farewell.

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