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TO A BUNCH OF GRAPES; RIPENING IN MY WINDOW, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Cluster of pregnant berries, pressed / in luscious warmth together
Last Line: With pleasure glowing.
Subject(s): Grapes

Cluster of pregnant berries, pressed
In luscious warmth together,
Like golden eggs in glassy nest,
Hatched by the zephyr's dewy breast
In sultry weather;
Or amber tears of those sad girls
Who mourn their hapless brother;
Strung closely on the glossy curls
Of you fair shrub, whose zigzag twirls
Clip one another;
Or silent swarm of golden bees
Your velvet bosoms brushing,
Dropped odorous from the gummy breeze,
Lingering in sleep upon the trees,
Whilst summer's blushing;
Or liquid sunbeams, swathed in net
Spun by some vagrant fairy,
Like mimic lamps fresh trimmed and set
In thick festoons, with ripeness wet,
Moonlight to carry;
Or drops of honey, lately stolen
From the hive's treasury,
Bubbles of light, with sweetness swollen,
Balls of bright juice, by breezes rollen,
And bandied high.
I watch with wondrous care each day
Your little spotted blushes,
Dyed by the sun's rude staring ray;
And soon I hope you'll ooze away
In sunny gushes.
Then shall ye, veiled in misty fume,
In polished urn be flowing;
With blood of nectar, soul perfume,
Breathe on our cheeks a downy bloom
With pleasure glowing.

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