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First Line: All afternoon wind and rain
Last Line: And brought your slippers to your chair.
Subject(s): Animals; Dogs

All afternoon wind and rain
Swept the valley .. but with the night
Came peace and a great golden moon
Above the highest hill -- full and bright.
Surely you remember . . and then your voice
Broke the stillness of dim spaces -- O son of mine!
Within this little house your presence glowed once more;
It was as though you stepped, in all your youth divine
Through my open waiting door
And came to me . . You sang the old, old song
My mother sang long years ago,
The song I crooned to you within the valley dusk,
With tall hills listening in a row;
O son of mine -- each note, each dear familiar word,
Came ringing from across a distant sea
And traced themselves indelibly, through miles of night
Upon the mother's heart of me . . .

Jim, your dog, came close and softly cried,
Within his old dim eyes a wondering stare --
Then ran with eager labored step
And brought your slippers to your chair.

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