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MY JEWEL CASE, by                    
First Line: I've the queerest, quaintest jewel case
Last Line: That wondrous love of mother!
Subject(s): Jewelry & Jewelers; Love; Mothers; Privacy; Rings; Bracelets; Necklaces

I've the queerest, quaintest Jewel Case
That you'd ever want to see,
And no one can steal my treasures
For I only have the key;
And though I'm very generous,
And let all who care to, peek
And feast their eyes aplenty,
They can't have a one to keep!

Now, this Jewel Case is divided
Into many different parts;
I think I forgot to mention
It is hidden in my heart.
I have Jewels that I like having
And some that are not so fair,
But of those I do not like
I am bound to take good care.

I have Hope and Love and Laughter,
And right next to them lies Gloom;
I have Sympathy and Kindness,
But I'd rather not make room
For all those awfully dark ones,
Sorrow, Pain, and Ghastly Fear,
But they come in every Jewel Case
Just the same as Joy and Tears!

In one corner of the Jewel Case
I have put my greatest treasure.
I am always glad to show it,
And it really gives me pleasure
To share with one less fortunate
This Gem above all others.
I think it has been truly named,
That Wondrous Love of Mother!

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