Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, FOR NOEL (WHERE A GATE SWINGS EITHER WAY), by BEULAH ALLYNE BELL

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First Line: Bring one rosette of alien mistletoe
Last Line: Lay warmth of heart, a song of cherished vows.
Subject(s): Christmas Trees

Bring one rosette of alien mistletoe.
Snowberries at the door in waxen sprays
Have melted in a long autumnal glow
Of preparation for these Holy Days.

Bring holly branches. Cups of gleaming red
Upon the winter lace of dogwood trees
Hold sanctuary food -- the wine and bread
Of robins and their fellow refugees.

Set rainbows glittering up and down the spruce,
Then lure them on to twinkle in the pine;
The snow-doves drowsing there may dream a truce
With jewel-wings if proxies flash and shine!

Indoors, upon the tree which has no root,
Pour silver rain, an ecstasy of fruit.

A golden ribbon guarding cellophane
Will make the fingers hesitate and tremble.
If such a word as "love" should blur with pain!
For reasons known where pearls and tears assemble.

Too tangible -- too rich a gift, by far,
For one who fears a gesture in disguise,
Who feels the chill of jewels when the star
Of happiness is lost in clouded skies!

The tree is holding miracles outspread;
There still is room beneath its canopy.
No other claims a signature unread
And whitely written though indelibly. . . .

For her alone, on silver Yuletide boughs
Lay warmth of heart, a song of cherished vows.

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