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First Line: I often spend week-ends in heaven
Last Line: Myself.
Subject(s): God

I often spend week-ends in heaven,
And so I know him well.
Most times he is too busy thinking things
To talk;
But then, I like his still aloofness
And superior ease.
I can't imagine him in armor, or in uniform,
Or blowing like a windy Caesar
Across the fields of Europe,
Or snooping in my mind
To find what I am thinking,
Or being jealous of the darling idols
I have made.
If ever that slim word -- aristocrat --
Belonged to anyone, it is to God.
You should see him steadying the wings
Of great thoughts starting out
On flight --
Very like a scientist trying a machine.
Patrician, cool, in a colored coat
Rather like a mandarin's;
Silver sandals -- quite a picture!
I can't see him
Fluttering in wrathful haste,
Or dancing like a fool.

I don't go there often --
Only when I'm at my best.
I save up things:
Pictures of the sea wild with white foam,
Stories of engines beating through the clouds,
News of earth in storm and sun,
Some new songs -- the best.

He's fond of being entertained
With what I choose to tell him of myself --
Very kind about tomorrow,
Indifferent of yesterday.

He's like that --
God in his heaven -- alone.
I know, for I made him, put him there

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