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First Line: Only the wind is ageless
Last Line: Is ageless.
Subject(s): Wind

Only the wind is ageless

The sea was long since old;
Its tides more bitter
Than the bitterest tears,
Are hag-ridden of the moon --
The moon itself shrunken and blind
And mayhaps mad.

The once tumultuous earth lies mouldering,
Worm-eaten, oblivious, and black.
The rocks are rotting in the dark.
Thin scums of life
Creep with the seasons
Hunted by hungry suns
And stilled at last with snow.

Only the wind is ageless,
Restless, variable, and fresh
With all caprice.
The wind flows as a river,
Is still, or darts like a falcon
Through the changing zones.

All else is destined to its way:
Earth, moon and stars
Move on the unexploring feet
Of age.

Only the wind is young
And friend to youth.
Its wings are eager
Of discovery.
It mocks the moon,
It drives the sea,
And scorns the land.

Its beauty rides invisible
And all its ways are ways
Of gay disdain.

Only the clouds belong to it --
The lonely, lovely clouds
That are the trailing garments
Of its processional.

Only the clouds can be
So proud, remote and secret,
But they pass:
The wind returns --
Only the wind in all the universe
Is ageless.

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