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MERCY PLEADS, by                
First Line: When god in his wisdom, supreme and eternal
Last Line: "give mercy her seat in thy heart."
Subject(s): Mercy

When God in His wisdom, supreme and eternal,
Conceived of the earth as man's home,
He called to His presence Truth, Justice and Mercy,
The angels that wait on His Throne.

He said, "Ye, my ministers, counsel together;
Shall I call into being a man --
Shall I make in my image a creature of power,
To conquer the sea and the land?"

Truth then made answer, "Oh, God! do not make him!
The new earth has many a snare;
He will stain Thy pure temples, pollute what is holy.
I pray Thee, oh, place him not there."

Justice said also, "Oh, God! do not make him!
Thy mandates are changeless and just.
He will heed not Thy precepts, believe not Thy judgments;
He will trample Thy laws in the dust."

But Mercy drew nearer with eyes that were streaming,
Knelt there, bowing low her fair head,
Saying, "God, if Thou'lt make him, I'll guide and protect him
Through all the dark paths he shall tread."

Then God the Creator made man, to him saying:
"Oh, Man! Mercy's offspring thou art;
Not by Justice or Truth shalt thou deal with thy brother --
Give Mercy her seat in thy heart."

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