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AGNOSTIC TO MYSTIC, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Why does it matter to you whether heaven or god
Last Line: Sometimes, oh, sometimes it seems—!
Subject(s): Cold; Earth; Mysticism; Nature; Weather; World

Why does it matter to you whether Heaven or God
Are wraiths or realities? We—we can never be told.
Why do you sigh so, and stare like a stricken thing
Out of the boundaries of earth, as if earth were a wilderness trod,
The sky and the sod
Thrilling no joy to you save through His presence? The old
Beat of the ardent wing,
Way of the warm to the cold?

Yet, am I cold? Is not rather the coldness with you,
Dim groper in cloud, discontent with the fulness of earth?
What but phrase do you draw in your net from the ocean of dreams?
Be you content with sure glories, with moonlight and sunlight and dew,
With golden and blue!
Yet, in deep passionate hours on the hills—by the sea—
Nigh to the gates of birth,—
Sometimes, oh, sometimes it seems—!

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