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First Line: Autumn, like atalanta, fleetly flees
Last Line: And mocks with pagan laughter, sweetly shrill.
Subject(s): Autumn; Seasons; Fall

Autumn, like Atalanta, fleetly flees,
Galey robes streaming, leaf-blown down the wind;
And 'tis our pleading hearts that race behind
Striving to clasp her by her golden knees,
To stay her sorrowful beauty, -- but the trees
Glance with her brilliant flight. Oh, grave and kind,
Hide ye no russet hoards, that we may find
And fling the apples of Hippomenes?

Clouded about with birds, fawn-nuzzled, still
Her speed outstrips us, and the woods are dead
Of dream or color -- all their incense fled!
Across the burning marsh she gains the hill
And breathless turns her beautiful, bright head
And mocks with pagan laughter, sweetly shrill.

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