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First Line: Green aisles of pullman cars
Last Line: And snug delight!
Subject(s): Fairies; Elves

Green aisles of Pullman cars
Soothe me like trees
Woven in old tapestries.
I love to watch the stars
Remote above the earth
In watery light,
While, in a lower berth,
I whirl through night.

I love the mysteries
Others abhor:
From Upper Eight, a sneeze, --
That stertorous snore
Far down the aisle. I love
The net of green
That holds like treasure-trove
My clothes unclean.

Cherrywood spick and span
And patterned plush;
The rumble and the rush;
The blankets thick and tan,
All these my heart delight, --
The globe you click, --
Bells ringing in the night
When someone's sick.

Weird bumpings in the night,
Arrivals late
Where stations blaze with light
And bang with freight;
Elf lanterns down the track,
Dark flitting forms
Under a pale cloud-wrack, --
Each aspect charms!

I love to smoke a last
Slow cigarette
Where all ere breaking fast
Ablute and fret;
Then, as on wings of chance,
I plunge the night --
Pullmans, you spell romance
And snug delight!

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