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First Line: Fields of argenteuil, / where the summer day / dreams of claude monet
Last Line: Dreams of claude monet!
Subject(s): Art & Artists; Paintings & Painters

Fields of Argenteuil,
Where the summer day
Dreams of Claude Monet;

Poplars black and stern,
Grasses where we learn
Vivid poppies burn;

Loveliness repressed,
Reticence and zest
Subtly manifest;

Strength and tenderness
Like the sky's caress,
Shades that heal and bless!

Ah, to gaze and gaze
Where through purest grays
Poppy flamelets blaze,

And black trees that brood
Consummate our mood
To beatitude!

So from frame to frame
Bearing each his name
Back at last I came;

And the elflike child
From the picture smiled.
Or—was I beguiled?

Time shall cast away
Crowns—yet you shall stay,
Fields of Argenteuil!

Though his brush could pass
Over trees and grass
Often to surpass,—

Tints of trembling light
Exquisite and bright
Shimmering on the sight,—

Leave me this small thing
For my glorying,
For my hid well-spring;

Fields of Argenteuil,
Where the summer day
Dreams of Claude Monet!

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