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First Line: Nine days they wailed dead hector, the betrayed
Last Line: In the last trench, while still thy pennon flies!
Subject(s): Love

Nine days they wailed dead Hector, the betrayed
Of cold Minerva to the Pelian spear.
A false Deïphobus she personed here,
Yet, might the true have seen a coward made?
Might not the glorious and heroic shade
That soared from Hector's fire-englutted bier
Down darkest Styx have wailed then, "Brother dear,
Better thy scorn, my recreance to have stayed!"

For Love hath strength or weakness in his hands.
Friends may prove foes, foes the best friends at need.
Keep then eternal vigil, Man! Advise
Thine heart, until its turmoil understands,
There is no choice save thine own soul's indeed
In the last trench, while still thy pennon flies!

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