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First Line: Lie like a necklace light
Last Line: Woe, woe this midnight notes!
Subject(s): Puck (mythology)

Singeth the Spirit of the Weir:
Lie like a necklace light,
Star-reflections, where she floats
Slowly toward the waterfall!
Birds all unmusical,
Force faint cadence through your throats!
Lo, the lovely lady drowned!
Fauns in the forest round,
Hark what this midnight notes!

Singeth a faun:
She was our woodland queen,
Gowned in the green and gold;
Court in the copse did hold,
Throne in the thicket swayed.
She was daringly arrayed,
Robed in the bronze and red.
Spring and Autumn turned her bed.
Summer was her blithe handmaid!

Wildly we loved her,
We of the woodland ways;
Vassalled her nights and days.
Nought of it moved her.
She was sunlight on the sward,
A flicker through the green,
An elfin note of laughter,
Silvers of the birch between!

Singeth a fairy:
By the brown pool
Lay she adream one day.
Over her shoulder
Puck peeped the bolder.
Oh, for his mirthful face
Then grew she fain, they say.
Darling-wild she hunted him
Laughing her nay!

Through golden gloom
Fast went their flying feet;
Down the green glade
Darted disorder.
Berry-stained loveliness,
Feet the grass clutched to kiss!
Roguish, oh roguish Puck,
Nought to accord her!

Singeth the Spirit of the Weir:
Clung he the rainbow
Risen o'er the river.
Leaped she like light, --
And with wail dropped to death.
Weep, nets that drew her drowned!
Wail, elfin fish, that found
Love without breath!

Lie like a necklace light,
Star-reflections, where she floats
Down to her tidal bier!
Birds, sing no bridal here!
Moan all the woodland throats,
Aching for the lady drowned.
Puck heaves in sobs profound.
Woe, woe this midnight notes!

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