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First Line: Love said to worship, 'how saw you our lady
Last Line: "but when I passed the window she watched me from the pane!"
Subject(s): Love

Love said to Worship, "How saw you our lady,
At our meeting yester-evening, that home you came so slow?"
Worship raised his eyes, and rapt and yearning said he,
"Hey, my heart is heavy with the loss that I know!
I saw her like a light as pure as starshine flaming
And my sin, that thought to win that light, as dark again!
Her beauty smote my heart with pain beyond all naming.
Sing to my despair how 'twas you saw her then!"

And Love said, "I saw her in choicest sweet attire,
With greeting calm and kindly, as careless I were near.
She dreamed with quiet brows, crooning tunes beside the fire, --
But she smiled through her dreaming. I know she holds me dear!"

Love said to Worship, "How left you our lady,
At the end of yester-evening, that home you came so sad?"
Worship drooped his eyes, and soft and slowly said he,
"I bore a heavy burden, for the hope that I had.
I left her as a star set high beyond all hailing,
So pure none may endure her beams, of mortal men!
I left her thronged with angels, before her throne vailing!
Sing to my despair of how you left her then!"

And Love said, "I left her with thoughts that sought to flee me,
With hands withheld demurely, and low-voiced 'Come again!'
I left her turned aside, with eyes that would not see me, --
But when I passed the window she watched me from the pane!"

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