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THE HOUSE AT EVENING, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Across the school-ground it would start
Last Line: Dim worlds aflame.
Subject(s): Family Life; Houses; Relatives

(In Memory of T. F. B.)

Across the school-ground it would start
To light my eyes, that yellow gleam --
The window of the flaming heart,
The chimney of the tossing dream.
The scuffed and wooden porch of Heaven,
The voice that came like a caress,
The warm kind hands that once were given
My carelessness.

It was a house you would not think
Could hold such sacraments in things
Or give the wild heart meat and drink
Or give the stormy soul high wings
Or chime small voices to such mirth
Or crown the night with stars and flowers
Or make upon this quaking earth
Such steady hours.

Yet, that in storm it stood secure,
And in the cold was warm with love,
Shall its similitude endure
Past trophies that men weary of,
Where two were out of fortune's reach,
Building great empires round a name
And ushering into casual speech
Dim worlds aflame.

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