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THWARTED UTTERANCE, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Why should my clumsy speech so fall astray
Last Line: Perhaps too proud, too sweet!
Subject(s): Speech; Love; Oratory; Orators

Why should my clumsy speech so fall astray,
To uncouth jargon of the every-day
Turn each fit word and phrase
I treasured for your praise?

Discoveries I won to from afar,
All the rare things you are -- nor know you are, --
In Orient offering
I haste to you to bring.

I think to kneel and spread on cloths of dream
The beautiful, the priceless things you seem;
Perfume and precious stone,
That you be shown your own.

Prince of my vision-palace, I would call
Your name through trumpets down its central hall,
And the rapt choral praise
Before your dais raise;

And you should see, should hear, be glad, and smile
That I so love you. Ah, but all the while
I may not show nor teach
Save through my paupered speech!

Beggar in guise, who am so rich at heart
Where you have set your pure white shrine apart
And keep your cherished state
Dear and immaculate,

How should you know or hear me, when my tongue
Turns a dull rebel and doth ready wrong
To thoughts my dreams repeat? --
Perhaps too proud, too sweet!

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