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TO CHILDREN: 1. FAIRY SONG, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: While clouds yet slumbered in their fold
Last Line: Yes, I was elfland-born!
Subject(s): Children; Fairies; Childhood; Elves

While clouds yet slumbered in their fold,
Ere sun, God's glorious marigold,
Pushed forth his fervent, fiery head
To shine above the garden bed
Of earth, whose blooms are hours,
Spinney and woodland's entries through
Those morning-glory trumpets blew
That summoned forth the flowers:

"Now haste ye, Mab's sweet abigails,
And dress your queen for day!
With flounces and with furbelows,
With silver shoes and ribband bows.
The dawn comes up this way -- Tara!
The dawn comes up this way!"

Her violet eyes wee hands unclose,
And sweetly, sweetly up she rose.
Her robing-room is damask-dark
Wherein the fireflies touch their spark
To tapers hung on high.
So cherished and so dainty-sweet --
Her maidens kneel before her feet
To do her courtesy!

For equerries she shall not lack,
Jack-booted, bee-bestriding,
To hand her up a-cricket-back
And squire her down the green wood track
All in her early riding -- Oh,
All in her early riding!

For they do tell, oh, they do tell,
The charmed Caterpillar Dell
Holds bearded bravos, fuzzed o' fear,
At passers-by that growl and rear
On greedy tribute bent!
But Mab's brave squires' blades be good
That slew the toad o' Bullrush Wood,
And sword-play is their stent!

This do I know who peer between
The grass blades every morn,
And mosses find the green demesne
Of many a crowned king and queen --
For I was Elfland-born, My dear!
Yes, I was Elfland-born!

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