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TO CHILDREN: 2. BRAGGARTS, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: This morning by my garden wall
Last Line: All dreaming by the wall!
Subject(s): Children; Childhood

This morning by my garden wall,
This morning as I came,
The gipsy-clad nasturtiums all
Lit up my heart like flame!

Their ragged, brilliant little bells
Were gay with sunset fires
And oh, the tale their leader tells,
Who knows their soul desires!

Oh, we have marched by sunset seas
And danced through eerie noons;
Through lilac twilights, dense with bees,
Have fleered our mad platoons!

"Gemmed with bright rains, when gutters ran
Dun floods the byways through,
The village folk have gaped to scan
The passing of our crew!

"By olden ports, by downs and dunes,
By fabled lost countrees,
Our rollick feet have danced to tunes
That none know but the bees!

"Swart are our hearts with elfin fire,
And strange the urge we know;
And now we flicker with desire
To flit, to march, to go!"

And yet this evening, when I scanned
For that which might befall,
Drowsed stood my bright nasturtiums, and
All dreaming by the wall!

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