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TO MY WIFE, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Braver than sea-going ships with the dawn in their
Last Line: I ride for your star!
Variant Title(s): Dedication To A First Book
Subject(s): Love - Marital; Wedded Love; Marriage - Love

Braver than sea-going ships with the dawn in their sails,
Than the wind before dawn more healing and fragrant and free,
Fairer than sight of a city all white, from the mountain-top viewed in the vales,
Or the silver-bright flakes of the moonlight in lakes, when the moon rides the
clouds and the forest awakes,
You are to me!

For you are to me what the bowstring is to the shaft,
Speeding my purpose aloft and aflame and afar.
Through the thick of the fight, in your eyes' steady light my soul hath seen
splendor, and laughed.
Now, however I tend betwixt foeman and friend through the riddle of Life to
Death's light at the end,
I ride for your star!

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