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THE WIFE'S SONG, by            
First Line: When I awake
Last Line: Oh what am I?
Subject(s): Love; Marriage; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

When I awake
And hear my heart call loudly at my breast,
Stirred with the dream that vanishes away,
When all the night is resonant with unrest
And gates of darkness stand before the day
I worship you.

When the years
Have left us silent by the unending road
I will not mock at death nor call it soon,
I will not wake again the living goad!
But at this moment give me the vanished moon,
I fear the night!

"Stir and smile."
You do not hear: I have not spoken so,
But from my heart the wish of it all has sped.
I dare not speak; the unearthly sound might go,
Return unheard, and tell me you are dead.
I dare not speak.

Love of mine,
What is the torrent white that falters, falls
Far downward wakened from its misty dream,
Crashing over the rugged mountain walls,
What is the cataract without the stream,
Or what am I?

What am I
Unless you wake and draw me to you now,
Unless you banish the dust of dreams and press
These trembling lips of mine, unless you vow
Love's endless promise in your dear caress,
Oh what am I?

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