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GIRLS! PASS ALONG!, by            
First Line: Bless me! What a rosy row
Last Line: Girls! Pass along!
Subject(s): Love


BLESS me! what a rosy row
Of girls at me their glances throw,
As they gayly come and go,
The light coquettish throng!
Can't the darlings hear me say,
"I have had my youthful day;
Now I put such things away"?
Girls! pass along!


Ah, my Zoe! pray desist!
Sooth, I care not to be kissed;
Ask your mother if I list
To Cupid's siren song.
She -- but that is entre nous --
Knows what Love and I can do;
Her advice you'd best pursue, --
Girls! pass along!


Laura! you would hardly guess
How your grandam used to press
Lips of mine -- well -- I confess --
We did n't think it wrong;
Look! she's coming! Tempt me not
In gay saloon or shady grot;
A jealous eye the dame has got, --
Girls! pass along!


You smiling too! you naughty Rose!
I wonder, now, if you suppose
I'm not aware what sort of beaux
Around your beauty throng?
I know the husband-hunting crew,
And all the pretty tricks they do;
I'm old, -- but much too young for you!
Girls! pass along!


Away, away! you madcaps! -- fly!
Your roguish arts why will you try
To bind a graybeard -- such as I --
With Cupid's slender thong?
Yet, like a powder magazine,
My heart from flying sparks I screen,
The sparks that shoot from wanton een --
Girls! pass along!

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