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CHANGE OF MOOD, by            
First Line: Tonight, walking down main street
Last Line: And fancy-free.
Subject(s): Music & Musicians

Tonight, walking down Main street,
The world was heavy on my young shoulders,
And I was blue and in a dark mood.
Near the corner of Maple avenue
I heard soft music,
And the singing of a woman's voice.
I looked in through the curtained window,
(I like to look in through the windows of other people's houses.
I hate to have other people look into the windows of my house.)
A man, a full-grown man, was sitting at a piano,
And his fingers touched lightly the shining-faced keys.
A woman stood beside, one hand on his shoulder,
And liquid-clear, sang his old love song.
To think
That right here in my small town,
Hands of full-grown men
Which through the day held coins and pens and hammers,
Drew sweet music from old strings
When the evening mood came on;
And to think
That women, whose voices through the day
Harshly scolded peevish children
And ordered baker's bread and butcher's meat,
Stood, when the evening mood came on,
Beside full-grown men who made music,
And softly sang meaning into love melodies,
Made me be happy.
So I walked on down Main street,
And was glad for the world,
And my young shoulders bore the world
But no burden.
And I was joyous
And fancy-free.

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