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GLOOMY RAIN, by                    
First Line: Gloomy rain, I hear you on my window pane
Last Line: There's gladness in my domain.
Subject(s): Absence; Grief; Pain; Rain; Tears; Separation; Isolation; Sorrow; Sadness; Suffering; Misery

Gloomy rain, I hear you on my window pane,
Softly you come along, singing to me a song,
A song of weariness and pain.
Gloomy rain, the song you sing is plain;
When the sun hides its face, and the clouds take its place
You bring sadness to my domain.
Gloomy rain, gloomy rain, there's a sadness in your strain;
When you come along with your weary old song
I feel as if all was in vain;
But if you were here, my love so dear,
My heart wouldn't feel any pain;
Then nothing would matter, we'd listen to your patter
Hold hands and our love explain.
So love come along, let's sing a sweet song
To the rain on my windowpane.
Patter patter gloomy rain, patter on my windowpane,
With love and gloomy rain, my heart can feel no pain,
There's gladness in my domain.

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