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COURAGE, by                    
First Line: To own ourselves despite conflicting wills
Last Line: We ask for light ... We ask for strength to do!
Subject(s): Courage; Valor; Bravery

To own ourselves despite conflicting wills
Or adverse happening -- O let this be!
We think of men who sailed an empty sea,
Roamed desert plains and climbed untraversed hills,
Braved all that nature holds of hidden ills.
We strive to reach the fields where souls are free:
To break the spirit's bonds and grasp the key
To truth -- for truth destroying but fulfills.
Then dare we succor youth's unsanctioned cause,
Discard the freedom that becomes a chain,
Or welcome knowledge should it pierce us through?
The modern proves remote as primal laws.
The dreamer finds his venture was not vain.
We ask for light ... we ask for strength to do!

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