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MOUNT RUSHMORE, by                    
First Line: When titans, sportive, hurled you high
Last Line: The annals of a race!
Subject(s): Heroism; Mount Rushmore (south Dakota); Titans (mythology); Heroes; Heroines

When Titans, sportive, hurled you high
above the startled earth,
And mocked your frenzied cry of fear
with wild, exultant mirth,
You, rudely, wrenched from out your sleep
of countless eons past,
In terror, knew yourself adrift—
bewildered, stunned, aghast!
No kindred spirit near, to buoy
your soul with hope; dismay
And distant, frowning, starless skies
as night succeeded day ...

The Ages plied their noiseless tools
with ceaseless urge, and art,
Till mighty Pahasapa's mass
grew one with you, in heart.
Your wind-swept, fretted, giant walls
drew Man's exploring eye.
He, vision-haunted, seeks to blaze
his triumphs thwart the sky ...
Achievement-Hour! Your Accolade!
deep-graven on your face,
Heroic deeds, and deathless fame—
The annals of a Race!

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