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HE DIED FOR ME, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: When time seems short, and death is near
Last Line: "for I, thy saviour, died for thee."
Subject(s): Jesus Christ

When time seems short, and death is near.
And I am pressed by doubt and fear,
And sins, an overflowing tide,
Assail my peace on every side,
This thought my refuge still shall be,
I know my Saviour died for me.

His name is Jesus, and He died
For guilty sinners crucified;
Content to die, that He might win
Their ransom from the death of sin.
No sinner worse than I can be,
Therefore I know He died for me.

If grace were bought, I could not buy;
If grace were coined, no wealth have I:
By grace alone I draw my breath,
Held up from everlasting death.
Yet since I know His grace is free,
I know the Saviour died for me.

I read God's holy Word, and find
Great truths, which far transcend my mind;
And little do I know beside,
Of thought so high and deep and wide.
This is my best theology,
I know the Saviour died for me.

My faith is weak, but 'tis Thy gift;
Thou canst my helpless soul uplift,
And say, "Thy bonds of death are riven,
Thy sins by Me are all forgiven,
And thou shalt live, from guilt set free;
For I, thy Saviour, died for thee."

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