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SONNET: MAN VERSUS ASCETIC. 4, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Nay' - yet again thou pleadest - 'life is short'
Last Line: "be no mere saint for me, but loyal man."
Alternate Author Name(s): Leigh, Arbor; Guggenberger, Mrs. Ignatz; Bevington, L. S.

"Nay" -- yet again thou pleadest -- "life is short;
Lovers are many, heroes few and rare;
Long years ago my one heart had its share
Of easy pleasure, and its evil wrought.
Leave me to my design, my single thought
Just to grow perfect, inwardly aware
Of victory than fairest bliss more fair; --
Shall my poor soul have freed herself for nought?"
"Thus much for thine own gladness. What for ours?" --
Plead the unborn thy sons should live to aid;
Pleads each most needy, noble thing unmade
That should reap heritage of thy won powers.
The Future pleads -- "By all thy spirit can,
Be no mere saint for me, but loyal man."

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