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ACTAEON, by            
First Line: I would I were actaeon, whom diane did disguise
Last Line: "behold thy slave, all day that walks these woods unknown!'"
Subject(s): Actaeon (Mythology); Love; Mythology - Classical

I would I were Actaeon, whom Diana did disguise,
To walk the woods unknown whereas my lady lies;
A hart of pleasant hue I wish that I were so,
So that my lady knew alone me and no mo;
To follow thick and plain, by hill and dale alow,
To drink the water fain, and feed me with the sloe.
I would not fear the frost, to lie upon the ground,
Delight should quite the cost, what pain so that I found.
The shaling nuts and mast that falleth from the tree
Should serve for my repast, might I my lady see;
Sometime that I might say when I saw her alone,
"Behold thy slave, all day that walks these woods unknown!'

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