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ADAS ISRAEL, by            
First Line: O israel! In the morn's returning light
Last Line: The shining glories of thine ancient reign.
Subject(s): Israel; Jews; Jews - Exodus From Egypt; Judaism

O ISRAEL! in the morn's returning light,
Thy temple stands, all crowned with splendor bright,
And there, high Salem's courts again shall tell
Jehovah's praise, and faith of Israel.

The watchman on thy long benighted walls
Hath marked the night's departing gloom, and calls;
Up, Israel! now thy darkness flies away,
And light is breaking into glorious day.

The dawn of freedom on a darkened earth,
Thy faith awakens to a brighter birth.
Thy promised king—awaited long in vain,
Now comes at last, in light and truth, to reign.

Through long oppression, God hath guided thee,
From darker Egypt, through a bloodless sea;
And by the chastening of his hand, hath strove
To make thee still more faithful to his love.

And now, no more thy race oppressed shall be,
But all thy foes shall strive to honor thee,
And nations at thy temple-altars bring
Their richest offerings to thy sovereign King—

O Israel! wandering in all lands afar,
Thy faith of old—be still thy guiding star,
And thy bright temple shall show forth again—
The shining glories of thine ancient reign.

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