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First Line: Then sang deborah
Last Line: His deeds will the people of israel praise.
Subject(s): Courage; Deborah (Bible); Women In The Bible; Valor; Bravery

Then sang Deborah,
And Barak, Abinoam's Son,
On that day sang they thus:
That the Leaders of Israel led on,
And the People willingly followed
Praise ye the Lord!


Ye Monarchs, hear!
Give ear, ye Princes!
I sing to the Everlasting,
To the Everlasting will I play & sing praises,
To the Lord God of Israel.


Lord God, Eternal!
When thou marchedst out from Seir,
When thou marchedst on thro' Edom,
The Earth trembled,
The Heavens dissolved,
The Clouds poured,
Mountains melted away from the Lord,
Mount Sina from before the face of Jehovah,
The Lord God of Israel.


In the days of Samgar, the Son of Anath,
In the days of Jael lay waste the High roads,
The Travellers went not save by crooked by-ways
Suspended were the assemblies of Israel,
They ceased, till I arose, Deborah,
Till that I arise, a mother in Israel.


To themselves they had chosen strange Gods;
And close to their gates came War.
Not a Shield was there seen, nor a Spear
Among the twice twenty Thousand of Israel.


My Heart, it swells high to the Rulers of Israel,
O ye, who offered yourselves freely among the People,
Praise the Everlasting One.
Ye that ride on white asses,
Ye that sit on seats of costly Coverings, or embroidered Seats
Ye that walk on the High roads, frame a Song.


A Song for the Voice of the herdsmen, who beside thee draw wells
Draw water for the Herds & Flocks!
For there will they sing the Deeds of Jehovah,
His deeds will the People of Israel praise.

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