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First Line: When nowe appointed kinge, I king shalbe
Last Line: And of vile men jehova's cittie free.

When nowe appointed kinge, I king shalbe
what mercie then what justice use I will:
I heere O Lord, in songe protest to thee:

Till that daie come, thou mee the crowne shalt give
deepe studie I, on vertue will bestowe
And pure in harte at home retyred live

My lowelie eye shall levell at no ill:
whoe fall from thee, with mee not one shall stand
theire waies I shall pursue with hatred still

Mischevous heads farr of from mee shall goe
malicious hartes I never will admitt
and whispring biters all will overthrowe.

Ill shall I brooke the prowde ambitious band
whose eyes looke hie whose puffed harts doe swell
but for truth tellers seeke and searche the land.

Such men with mee my counsulours shall sitt:
such evermore myne officers shalbe
men speaking right, and dooing what is fitt.

No fraudulent within my howse shall dwell
the cunning coyning tongue shall in my sight
be not indur'd much lesse accepted well.

As soone as I in all the land shall see
a wicked wretch I shall him roote owt right
And of vile men Jehova's cittie free.

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