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First Line: My soul the great god's praises sings
Last Line: Then, o my soul, the lord adore!

MY soul the great God's praises sings,
Circled round with glory's wings;

Cloth'd with light, o'er whom the sky
Hangs like a starry canopy;

Who dwells upon the gliding streams,
Enamell'd with His golden beams:
Enthron'd in clouds, as in a chair,
He rides in triumph through the air.

The winds and flaming element
Are on His great ambassage sent.

The fabric of the earth shall stand
For aye, built by His powerful hand.

The floods, that with their wat'ry robe
Once cover'd all this earthy globe,
Soon as Thy thund'ring voice was heard,
Fled fast, and straight the hills appear'd;
The humble valleys saw the sun,
Whilst the affrighted waters run
Into their channels, and no more
Shall drown the earth, or pass the shore.

Amongst those vales the cool springs flow,
And wash the mountains' feet below.

Thither for drink the whole herd strays;
There the wild ass his thirst allays;

And on the boughs that shade the spring
The feather'd choir shall sit and sing.

When on her womb the dew is shed,
The pregnant earth is brought to bed,
And, with a fruitful birth increas'd,
Yields herbs and grass for man and beast:
Heart-strengthening bread, care-drowning wine,
And oil that makes the sleek face shine.

On Lebanon His cedars stand,
Trees full of sap, works of His hand.

In them the birds their cabins dight:
The fir-tree is the stork's delight.

The wild goat on the hills, in cells
Of rocks the hermit coney, dwells.

The moon observes her course; the sun
Knows when his weary race is done.

And when the night her dark veil spreads,
The wilder beasts forsake their sheds:

The hungry lions hunt for blood,
And roaring beg from God their food.

The sun returns: those beasts of prey
Fly to their dens, and from the day;
And whilst they in dark caverns lurk,
Man till the evening goes to work.

How full of creatures is the earth,
To which Thy wisdom gave their birth!

And those that in the wide sea breed,
The bounds of number far exceed.

There the huge whale with finny feet
Dance underneath the sailing fleet.

All these expect their nourishment
From Thee, and gather what is sent.
Be Thy hand open, they are fed,
Be Thy face hid, astonished;
If Thou withdraw their soul, they must
Return unto their former dust:
If Thou send back Thy breath, the face
Of th' earth is spread with a new race.

God's glory shall for ever stay;
He shall with joy His works survey.

The steadfast earth shall shake, if He
Look down, and if the mountains be
Touch'd, they shall smoke; yet still my verse
Shall, whilst I live, His praise rehearse.

In Him with joy my thoughts shall meet;
He makes my meditations sweet.

The sinner shall appear no more:
Then, O my soul, the Lord adore!

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