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First Line: When the seed of jacob fled
Last Line: Flints shall flowing springs afford.

WHEN the seed of Jacob fled
From the cruel Pharaoh's land,
Judah was in safety led
By the Lord, whose powerful hand
Guided all the Hebrew band.

This the sea saw, and dismay'd
Flies, swift Jordan backward makes;
Mountains skip like rams afraid;
And the lower hillocks shakes,
Like a tender lamb that quakes.

What, O sea, hath thee dismay'd?
Why did Jordan backward make?
Mountains, why, like rams afraid,
Skipt you? wherefore did ye shake,
Hillocks, like the lambs that quake?

Tremble, O thou steadfast earth,
At the presence of the Lord!
That makes rocks give rivers birth,
And by virtue of whose word
Flints shall flowing springs afford.

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