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PSALM 115, by            
First Line: Not us, I say, not us
Last Line: Will now and still o prayse the lord
Subject(s): Holidays

Not Us, I say, not Us
But thyn own Name respect Eternall Lord
And make it glorious
To shew Thy mercy and confirm Thy Word
Why Lord, why should these Nations say
Where doth your God now make his stay

You ask where Our God is
In heav'n enthron'd, no mark of mortall eye
Nor hath nor will he misse
What likes his Will to will effectualy
What are your Idols we demand
Gold, Silver, works of workmens hands.

They mouths, but speechless have
Eyes sightless, eares no newes of noise can tell
Who them their noses gave
Gave not their noses any sense of smell
Nor hands can feel, nor feet can go
Nor sign of sound their throates can show

And wherin differ you
Who having made them make of them your trust
But Israül pursue
Thy Trust in God, the target of the just
O Aarons house the like do yee
He is their ayd, their target He.

All that Jehova feare
Trust in Jehova, He our ayd and shield
He us in mind doth beare
He will to us abundant blessings yeild
Will ever more with grace and good
Blesse Jacobs house, blesse Aarons brood.

Blesse all that beare him aw
Both great and small, the Conduits of his store
He never dry shall draw
But you and yours enrich still more and more
Blest O thrice blest, whom He hath chose
Who first with heav'ns did earth enclose

Where hight of highest skyes
Removed most from floore of lowly ground
With vaulted Roof doth rise
Himself took up his dwelling there to found
To mortall men he gracious gave
The lowly ground to Hold and Have

And why? His prayse to show
Which how can dead men Lord in any wise?
Who down descending go
Into the place where silence lodged lyes
But save us We Thy prayse record
Will now and still O Prayse the Lord

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