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PSALM 116, by                    
First Line: The lord receives my cry
Last Line: In sion comprehended

The Lord receives my cry
And me good eare doth give
Then love him still will I
And prayse him while I live
Fast bound in bonds of death
With deadly anguish thralled
When greife nigh stopt my breath
Upon his name I called

I call'd and thus I said
O Lord my bands unbind
I found him prone to ayd
I found him just and kind
The simples surest guard
By me of right esteemed
Whom he distressed heard
From hard distresse redeemed

My soul turmoyld with woes
Now boldly turn to rest
Such changes on Thee shows
Who greatest is and best
My life from death is past
Myne eyes have dry'd their weeping
My slipping foot stands fast
My self live in his keeping

Beleiving as I spake
Such wo my witts did blind
I said, when I did quake
I all men Lyars find
Which finding false, To Thee
What thanks Lord shall I render
Who showring blisse on me
Dost me so truly tender

My Cupp with thanks shall flow
In freedome from my thrall
Which I in flames will throw
And on Thy name will call
To Thee my vowes will pay
Thy People all beholding
Who deare their Deaths dost weigh
That are to Thee beholden

This I thy servant taste
Thy Slave, Thy handmaids son
Whose bands Thou broken hast
And fettring chaines undone
Who unto Thee for this
A Sacrifice of praising
To offer will not misse
Thy name with honour raysing

Thou whom no times enfold
Shalt have what I did vow
And they shall all behold
Who to Thy Scepter bow
The place, that Holy place
Before Thy house extended
The very middle space
In Sion comprehended

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